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To become a BCL supplier, you first need to read and accept our terms and conditions agreement.


I/We hereby apply to be registered as a supplier/subcontractor to your organization, and have indicated in the attached form the area of operation, category and coverage area.

I/We agree that our registration does not in any way guarantee that any job/contract will be awarded to us by the company and that the company can where it deems fit place any of its work on an open tender, where un-registered and registered vendors may bid freely.

I/We agree that supplies made or work undertaken will be subject to statutory deductions at the point of payment, and that the correct details have been entered in respect of Company registration number and VAT number. BCL will not be liable to any claims whatsoever in the case of errors on payments being made, which may have been as a result of inaccurate information provided to BCL.

I/We declare that information contained in the application form is true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge. We understand that the company has the discretion to disqualify us or cancel any contract awarded to us if any such information given about myself/ourselves is discovered to be false.

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